LOEB was born with SS ’10 in cooperation with Dino Conf. S.r.l. Ended with SS12 season.

“THINK JERSEY” was the lymph of this brand: being easy,being immediate, fresh and something women can’t do without.

Dressing up,our natural morning gesture, becomes a lightheart pleasure.

Loeb explored all the “shades” of jersey, gets together informality and neatness with femininity and temper.

Loeb as a simple t-shirt in a simple life.

Ph: Gautier Pellegrin   http://gautierpellegrin.format.com/

Styling: Elettra Missaga/Patrizia Wilk D'Elia  https://www.instagram.com/patriziawilkdelia/

Hair&Make-up: Vessy Vissotchkova  http://www.vessyvess.com/

Model: Gaudvile Cyplyte @URBAN Management