Resetting collections.Thinking of garments as units, conceived in their uniqueness. objects to wear, not wearable coverings, introduced in their times. .powerfull in thier identity. revolutionary in their synthesis. Everlasting for their universality. Temporary for their ability to raise emotions……Con-temporary-series. 

Where can you find them? Duv’è? (wordplay based on the pronunciation of italian dov’è- where is it-  and french duvet)

The duv’è con-temporary-series projest is born.

Starting from one specific garment : the quilted jacket (duvet in french), warm, light, comfortable, sculptural matter and pleasantly tactile at the same time. The duvet I can’t find. The one I wish I had in my wardrobe, companion of every winter, the one I could wear without thinking of, unvoluntary act, natural gesture.

Ph: Andrea Camuffo

Art Direction: Alberto Alemanno 

Model: Camilla